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Woman of the Week – No. 3

This week I’m talking about Taylor Swift. I think Taylor is one of those people you either love or hate. While I’m not going to say I’m a massive fan, I must admit that since the release of her new album I’ve been keeping a close eye on her and in  my opinion she’s coming off in a really good light.

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Let’s talk about her last two songs, both of which I love. Shake it Off and Blank Space are hitting back at all the people who have talked about Taylor and her love/ personal life over the course of the past few years. Instead of commenting about it publicly she has said what she needs to say through her music and I think she has done it really effectively.

Her Shake it Off video which you can see here shows her completely taking the piss out of herself. I love her carefree attitude, she’s in front of millions and continues to be herself. Props to her for this tune too, one of my faves at the minute.

When it comes to the fashion stakes I think she absolutely hits it out of the park.  When it comes to the red carpet she’s on a totally different level. I remember tweeting about this number when she wore it at the Grammy’s earlier this year and I still love it.


Just last night she performed at the Victoria’s Secrets fashion show and in this photo she doesn’t look a bit out of place surrounded by supermodels!



For a lady of the young tender age of 24, she isn’t doing too badly. I’m sure by the time I hit 24 I’ll have her wealth, talent and killer body! I’m really looking forward to seeing where Taylor Swift goes from here. I never classed myself as a fan but now that I’m writing this post I’m wondering is she planning to tour here in Ireland? Just crossed over the line to FAN. And I’m not one bit sorry, love her look, music and attitude and that’s why she’s this week’s woman of the week!

Until next time,

Jen x