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Woman of the Week – No. 2

Long time Grey’s anatomy fan speaking!! I’ve recently went back to series 1 and am well on my way to watching every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve always been an avid fan but I lost touch around series 7 or 8. But thankfully I’ve come to my senses and I’ve returned, getting through episodes at an alarming rate. I’ve just hit series 5 and the obsession is growing if anything.

There’s only one lady for the job when talking about my Woman of the Week when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy and the award goes to Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is one of the most humorous, yet ambitious characters in the programme and she is definitely one of my favourites.


The women has drive, work ethic and a stare that has scared many a grown man. She earns peoples respect especially the Chief of Surgery. She’s a multi tasker, who can be seriously tough on her residents and interns but once in a while we get to see her soft side and it turns out that she’s as compassionate as they come. The mother figure throughout she guides Meredith and co and she’s a pleasure to watch.

Now I know I bowed out of the whole healthcare career path but if I was going to go back there I’d be following this ladies lead! If I could demand respect like she does I’d be a happy lady, even people who rank above her in the hospital can feel her wrath and she’s never afraid to show it!

bailey 2

Number one lesson from Bailey, don’t take shit and make sure you are heard! Defo bringing that with me through life. Will you be doing the same?

Until next time,

Jen x