Jennifer Wrynne Designs

I have become totally obsessed with Irish milliner Jennifer Wrynne’s designs and am adamant that I’ll be ordering a hat from her very soon. As a regular creeper on her website and Instagram account here’s a look at some of her amazing work and a few of my favourites…








Here’s the link to the website if you want to see some more of her work. Hope you enjoy the hats as much as I do 🙂

Let me know which ones are your favourites. Jen x


VIP Style Awards 2014

Ireland is producing some stunner models these days and they were out in force at last weekends VIP Style awards. Model Holly Carpenter posted this photo to her Instagram account today. What a bunch of hotties!



I loved Rozanna Purcell’ striking blue suit and herself and Holly look flawless in another Instagram snap. Eyebrows ❤






Thalia Heffernan also looked gorgeous in this black dress with a plunging neckline. At 19 her career is taking off and I think she’s going to be the next big thing.


Rosanna Davison won most stylish lady and best dressed on the night stepping out in this pink gown. While I love the colour I’m not mad on the skirt at all but she looks stunning as per usual.






Do you agree with Rosanna taking the prize? Let me know who your favourites were?

Coachella 2015 anyone?

Coachella has been in full swing all weekend and I’ve enjoyed reading about all the acts and looking at the fashion. Festival season is fast approaching and here’s some style inspiration if you’re heading to any of the great festivals lined up this summer.

I must admit that I have never got emotionally involved with the Kardashians/Jenners like many people I know have. But Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been photographed so many times over the weekend looking fabulous they have to be shown here… Excuse my ignorance but I knew nothing about them so did a bit of research and I realise that Kylie is in fact only 16! The picture below shows her on the left… At 16 I don’t know what I was doing but the fact she looks like this at that age is ridiculous! Festival fashion down to a tee!



Selena Gomez pictured beside her is wearing my favourite outfit I’ve seen of the weekend. Anyone who knows me knows I love anything knitted or crocheted and this is right up my ally. If I could pull it off like her I’d be a content lady! The addition of the hat, boots and glasses sound like it should all be too much but I think she pulls it off!



Fans were given a treat when Beyonce joined sister Solange on stage and they were seen busting out some moves on stage…I might have fainted if I had been there and she appeared…she’s my number one woman and I feel like she’s due a blog post all to herself soon so watch this space 😉 they look great in florals and bright orange…

images (5)


One of my faves Ellie Goulding performed at the festival…Check out her performance of I Need You Love by clicking on the link. Love her energy on stage and the crowd looks amazing.




The whole weekend looked amazing…roll on the festival season.

Anyone for Coachella 2015?? 

Conversation lags thanks to hashtags – How big is your digital footprint?

Social Media is everywhere…I’m a self-confessed addict. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I’m on them all and use them regularly. It’s only this year in college that I’ve heard this phrase “digital footprint” and the amount of data that’s stored somewhere up there in the cloud due to my activity online. The more I think about it the more dizzying it becomes. Everything from emails to online transactions, an Instagram picture to a random tweet on Twitter the list could go on of how many places my data is stored online! Even this year Facebook is one of my main ways to keep in contact about assignments so there is no escaping it.


While doing research for this post I came across an article about how to erase your digital footprint…is it even possible to do this?? At this stage for me I think not…my size 6’s will probably be forever stomping around online as I’d have to completely cut myself off from the internet to even attempt to do this and I don’t see that happening. And here I am writing a blog which is definitely going against trying to disappear off the internet! As a matter of interest I Googled ‘Jen Whyte’ and my Twitter feed along with some other Jen Whyte’s appeared on the search as well as my Facebook profile picture being the 4th image found… I found it a little weird as it’s so prominent. People go on about SEO and how difficult it is sometimes to make that first page on Google but there I am and I have no interest in being there.



When it comes down to the long and the short of it social media is here to stay and if I’m honest I’m still going to regularly use it. The Snapchat phenomenon that is in full swing is a bandwagon I jumped off… While I enjoyed it while I was there I found my level of addiction was getting a bit out of hand receiving 30+ snaps some days and probably sending about the same! People haven’t been shy to ask me why I left it and not many people understand it but I had my reasons, one of them being the distraction of your phone hopping off the table with selfies every 10 minutes and the other was the way people who I had rarely interacted with when not on Snapchat became people that I was in contact with very regularly. I sent snaps to people regarding my what I can only describe as sometimes boring day and I’m sure people had no interest in it what so ever. I received a lot of those pictures as well where I thought wow that was pointless. Don’t get me wrong there were some that made me laugh out loud but it became a thing of having conversations with people on it. All of a sudden you had to think of which grammatical error to commit in order for your message to fit across the screen. It all got too much for me and I feel like I’ve gained some of my privacy back since deactivating my account. People no longer know where I am all the time…you can say well why did you send them those pointless pictures but when it’s there you use it and my social media addiction definitely got stronger when Snapchat was on my phone… Will I be back?? Probably… but for the minute I like the distance and don’t miss it like I thought I would.  Still at least it’s cutting down on that digital footprint…my sabbatical from Snapchat means the stomping may be somewhat quieter!


Shout out to Bridie Reilly with the title inspo…big fan of social media since the bebo stunnah phase and is still to this day playing an active stunnah role in society. Killing it in the picture below.


Ah hey Emma…

2014 seems to be the year of Emma Watson with men and women alike drooling over her effortless beauty! She has come a long way from her fuzzy headed Hermione days and any time she’s photographed she looks flawless. It’s only April but so far this year Emma has been a leader in the style stakes and I’ve loved all her looks.

First up this red Christian Dior dress at the Golden Globes. You probably either love or hate this but I love it and think she pulls it off so well. Quirky yet classy.



She stepped out at the Oscars in this fab metallic number. And just look at that bone structure in the close up. Gorgeous.


These next two looks show just how versatile she is from elegant and girly in white to rocking the androgynous look in an all black tailored suit. She looks amazing in both.




She’s not wearing anything in the last one but she’s amazing looking so I’m throwing it in for good measure! Can’t wait to see what she wears next 🙂




I came across these beauties on Instagram today and they are 100 % being placed on my wish list!


Some times I see stuff on Instagram and have no idea where it’s from but luckily I found out that these are from schuh and are €96. I may get saving!