Woman of the Week – No. 1

2 posts in one week, I’m excelling myself! I mentioned in my last post how I plan to write a new weekly feature, I’m all about girl power so each week I’ll be writing about different influential woman and the lessons we can learn from them.

I have a long list of the ladies that inspire me and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all. I think the obvious choice for this week is my favourite Desperate Housewife Miss Eva Longoria. Her antics around the capital this week have made her a firm favourite with the native Irish folk and we’ve loved seeing her having fun during #WebSummit week.

From her full Irish in Bewleys, her visit to the Book of Kells, picking up some staples in River Island all followed by a well-deserved bag of Tayto and a tipple of Jameson she looks like she had a great time. I’ve included some pictures because let’s face it she’s nice to look at.

eva                    eva w

She is mainly known for being a gorgeous actress in particular for her desperate Housewives role as Gabby Solise, a lady who we can also learn a few lessons from!

Eva 3

Let’s not forget her advice and insights she gave during her interview at the Web Summit. Her opinions on ageism in the workplace, and how she has been treated due to her fame are admirable. What is also admirable is how she has set up The Eva Longoria foundation, a charity to provide education and career training for disadvantaged Latinas.

eva 4

My main reason for writing these weekly features is because I love hearing stories about successful women. While times are changing, many of the same barriers still face women in the workplace and beyond. Eva is a driven activist and business savvy lady. She is worth a whopping $35 million dollars and while much of it comes from acting you can be sure that her sponsorship deals and books as well as other business ventures bring in more than enough to pay the bills. Her philanthropic work and kind nature shows that fame hasn’t gone to her head and she’s keen to make a difference.

Speaking of girl power I’m graduating tomorrow 🙂 🙂 the pals I’ve made throughout my Masters year are on their way to great things. I know that I, like others are looking forward to building a career. My lovely friend Claire has just spent the week brushing shoulders (direct quote) with Miss Eva herself at the Web summit and we’re only out of college a month.  As you can see, she also got to practice her selfie game with Adam Richman.

eva 5

We are on the way to great things and who knows, hopefully we’ll be woman of inspiration to many in years to come. New life goal…get someone to write a blog post about my amazingness.

Until next time,

Jen x


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